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L16 and Lumen Software Roadmap

Below you'll find our L16 and Lumen software roadmap. We'll be continually updating this roadmap as we roll out new OTA updates. And as always, you can see our release notes for both the L16 and Lumen on what we've implemented in the past.

Update: 8/17/18
Some of our Light photographer community members have asked about the roadmap timeline; while we are committed to building towards this roadmap, the development timeline for each feature can vary greatly. Our recent low-light improvement, for example, required a complete re-write, all the way down to the firmware. With this in mind, we look forward to continually releasing software updates every two-three months. Sharing to iOS and video, which will come in multiple stages, are top of that list.


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Face Detection (Implemented Jan. 2018)
On-device editing (Implemented March 2018)Focus assist
Focus lock (Implemented Jan. 2018)
Sharing: to Facebook, iOSSpatial HDR
Wide dynamic range (WDR) (Implemented Jan. 2018)
Selectable focus (infinity, macro)Full processing on device
Dynamic autofocus (Implemented Jan. 2018)
On-device aperture presets2nd party apps
White balance selection (Implemented March 2018)
Wireless sync to computer4K video
Shutter & ISO priority modes  (Implemented March 2018)
Low-light (up to two stop improvement)Touchstrip control
Histogram (Implemented March 2018)
1080p video with EISPanorama

You can read about all of our updates on our L16 software release page.


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Keyboard shortcuts (Implemented Jan. 2018)
Batch processingSide-by-side editing
Favorites (Implemented March 2018)
Geometric edits

You can read about all of our updates on our Lumen software release page.

Updated: 6/24/18

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